Hair Color on a Budget – 2 Ways to Cut Cost!

March 19, 2016

Staying within any budget is often difficult but here is an easy way to stay within a hair color budget. The first is to become a model for hair color training classes in a good salon. Second, choose a well-known beauty school and go to an advanced student.

Most women don’t know that high-end salons have weekly training classes that invite the public in to participate. In fact the salons need women all the time for the training classes.

And beauty academies have advanced students (who will graduate in a month or so) that will shortly work in a well-known salon. Often they also invite outside hair professionals who are specialized in the areas of color or cutting, to come in for a week of classes.

#1)  Salon Training Classes

These classes are run by training directors of the salon and have been professionally trained by someone that is highly educated in hair color or hair cutting. All the juniors that do work are overseen by a person that generally works in the salon during the day or by someone that has been invited in from a hair color company.

One positive with salon training classes is that if you like your color/cut you can go to the person who is doing the service in the future when they become a full time colorist. The price will generally be held at the training price for two months, then, it will be raised to the salon price after that. It often takes a trainee about a year to get on the floor in a salon.

A Lavender Hill Thought: If you’re going to color your hair, go to the best or don’t have a color service in the first place. Great salons are just a phone call away. Or take a friend and drive ten miles to the next city to the popular salon you have been hearing about but have been too afraid to call. Call and find out when the classes are, don’t be shy…they need you. And guess what? You need them.

#2)  Beauty Schools

There are wonderful, trustworthy people in the professional training world. For budget hair color, you can’t go wrong with schools for a great haircut and beautiful hair color by advanced students.

Just call and ask for the advanced class supervisor and book the time. Bring a photo of the most famous movie star (but only if she looks like you!) and bring a friend along for a fun day.

The Last Word from Tracy

Most hair color services are only done once a month. “You deserve it,” as L’Oreal says. We all want to look beautiful. Often our budget just does not work for everything it takes to look great.

So, just as you go to find a sale for your favorite clothing, simply find the place for budget conscience hair color. Either choose a great salon’s training class or the best beauty school in the near by city. Be good to yourself. It’s OK!

Tracy Hill


My name is Tracy Hill – Hair Colourist to Hollywood’s elite, and former international hair colour training director for Clairol Inc., L’Oreal, and Vidal Sassoon.  I have been an authority on hair colour for more than 30 years.

With my busy star-studded clientele covering the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, often times my clients just couldn’t make it to the salon.  So I got busy and created coloursplash!®, a new product line called coloursplash!® designed to be used between salon appointments.

coloursplash!® is a unique ammonia and peroxide-free hair color product that keeps your hair looking fresh and perfect everyday of the month…AND it diffuses your grey!  This hair colour innovation is so effective it’s no wonder it sold out in only 6 minutes on QVC!

I also decided to put my decades of experience into an eBook to help as many people as possible with their hair coloring questions.  In my eBook, “Excuse Me… Your Roots are Showing,” I’ll give you expert advice, tips, and hair color secrets.  I will tell you everything you need to know about hair color; from coloring your hair at home, going to the salon; to choosing the right hair color.  In “Excuse Me… Your Roots are Showing” I will also dispel hair color myths, explain how to deal with coloring dilemmas, and much more!

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