Misconceptions About the Cost of Hair Color

March 19, 2016

For some reason most women have a misconception about going in for their hair color services in high end salons. Some even feel a bit intimidated to make the first call to go in and have a free consultation. If you haven’t made the call you may have found that the cost has been great (bad hair color) in the less expensive salon.

The wrong salon can employ people that aren’t educated as well as the employees are in the larger cities where there is more competition to be the best. The good thing is that you just may find the price is not much different.

Don’t Stop Your Personal Services Because of the Economy

I have always found that when complications show up in your life it is best to not cheat yourself from looking your age or if possible even ten years younger with beautiful hair color. We all need to continue to feel good about ourselves during the down times.

You know this when you look in to the bathroom mirror each morning. Whether you color at home, or in the salon hair color is the best way to make this happen.

Hair Color and Your Appearance

Most of you know, bad hair color can add years to your overall appearance. If you have roots that are too long or your hair needs attention with the condition or color, you know you don’t look your best so you feel down. Skin Tones start to look flat and uneven when you have even had a new hair style.

You see that even after a great cut you seem to still feel a bit older than you do when you have just had your hair color service. This can be fixed when buy the box or make the call to the salon. You will be happy you did. Does anyone have Gray Hair?

A new discovery was made through a collaboration of scientists from Germany and the United Kingdom. Apparently, the study found that gray hair has little to do with hair care or the original hair color, and more to do with the body’s own development that comes with age. Hair cells naturally produce hydrogen peroxide, which builds up over time, and essentially bleaches the hair as people age.

Brassy Blonde Hair?

If you use a shade that is too light and your hair is too dark, your hair will turn brassy. You will need professional advice for this change. Take a photo of the hair color you like and don’t insist on going too light if you have dark hair…you are looking at five years on your age if you do.

To Balayge or Highlight?

Balayge is painted into the hair and leaves your hair more natural looking when painted over curly hair. This process gives all hair types an overall soft natural effect. You can get very close to the scalp and take very fine strands of hair. You can watch as the hair lightens.

With foils the hair often becomes too light or even white, therefore it will not have the soft shine most wish for when having the hair woven.

Want Just a Bit of Color?

If your hair is just a bit drab, ask for a to lift off just one shade of your natural hair color. The same formula is used but it is timed for just 2-3 minutes. It’s great for a quick change.  It leaves the hair with a lot more shine without red.

Small Changes

If you are bored with your natural tinted hair, but don’t want to do much of a change, and are trying to cut back.  Try a few highlights around the face. You can stay in your budget and have a fresh glow about your hair. Use a brandy shade if you have a medium brown hair color…it’s really nice.

Tracy Hill


My name is Tracy Hill – Hair Colourist to Hollywood’s elite, and former international hair colour training director for Clairol Inc., L’Oreal, and Vidal Sassoon.  I have been an authority on hair colour for more than 30 years.

With my busy star-studded clientele covering the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, often times my clients just couldn’t make it to the salon.  So I got busy and created coloursplash!®, a new product line called coloursplash!® designed to be used between salon appointments.

coloursplash!® is a unique ammonia and peroxide-free hair color product that keeps your hair looking fresh and perfect everyday of the month…AND it diffuses your grey!  This hair colour innovation is so effective it’s no wonder it sold out in only 6 minutes on QVC!

I also decided to put my decades of experience into an eBook to help as many people as possible with their hair coloring questions.  In my eBook, “Excuse Me… Your Roots are Showing,” I’ll give you expert advice, tips, and hair color secrets.  I will tell you everything you need to know about hair color; from coloring your hair at home, going to the salon; to choosing the right hair color.  In “Excuse Me… Your Roots are Showing” I will also dispel hair color myths, explain how to deal with coloring dilemmas, and much more!

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