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March 19, 2016
Tips and Tricks

I am frequently asked a multitude of questions about how to repair color-treated hair.  The following will help you have vibrant hair color and show you how to keep it lustrous everyday of the month.

Q.  Have you discovered that your hair color has faded during the summer?

Q.  Have the ends of your hair dried out and become too brittle?

Q.  Has your hair color turned to that shade of golden-orange that you just hate?

To have lustrous, shiny, healthy hair color all year long, simply follow the suggestions contained in this 2-part Report.  In Part I you will find tips for hair care and products that you can buy in the salon, beauty supply store, and at your local drugstore.

In Part II you will learn different ways to maximize your hair color and minimize damage and fading. These simple steps can be used at home or when you travel.

Part I: Hair Repair and Preventative Maintenance

Did you know that hair has the same chemical make-up as your skin? Hair needs to be cared for with a daily routine just as your face needs care.  As you see everyday of the year the hair shaft gets daily abuse from shampooing and the damage caused by the UV elements.

You see that when you just pick up any shampoo without using a conditioner your hair is lifeless and dry with almost no shine at all.  The following will help repair the damage from the improper use of chemicals on your hair color.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their hair care routine is not shampooing their hair when it is dirty.  When you work out, for example, your scalp has a “glow” from the perspiration.  This can build up and cause dry hair, especially during hot or cold weather.

Clean hair is healthy hair, regardless of what anyone says.  Shampooing or simply rinsing your hair everyday will remove the coating from hair styling products and oils that suffocate the hair follicle, which causes dry hair.  Also baldness is often caused from this residue that lies on the scalp.

Most hair that is not shampooed daily is dull and dry. If you can’t shampoo everyday or put a conditioner through your hair, make sure you shampoo and condition it at least three times a week.  You must get the product build-up out of your hair and put back the moisture if you want it to look pretty and healthy.

Hair that is in good condition will retain its color value longer and the hair shaft will have an overall gloss because of the hair color pigments that have been deposited into the hair shaft.

Did you know that hair gets its shine from the hair color pigments that have been deposited into the hair shaft by the hair color?  These pigments last until the next color service, whereas the conditioner only last until the next shampoo.

Condition! Condition! Condition! Not enough can be said about conditioning your hair every time you shampoo!  I know you may be worried about this.  Rest assured your hair does not have to end up oily or flat after using a conditioner.  Use the following information to help guide you.

Oily Hair. Use a non-oily conditioner just on the ends.Fine, Limp Hair. Dab the conditioner only on the ends. Just use a tiny bit in the palms of your hands then lightly pat it in on the ends.Rinsing. Rinse out the conditioner with warmer water for the final rinse.  This will help remove some of the softness.  Do not over-rinse because your hair won’t shine.Leave-in Conditioners. These will add shine and help retain the moisture in the hair shaft much longer than the daily conditioner.

Intensive Treatments

Most women do not understand the difference between conditioners and treatments. When you shampoo your hair and use a product to help your hair become more manageable, you will generally be using a conditioner.  When using a leave-in conditioner, you will have more penetration of the product to help repair the hair almost as well as a treatment.

Conditioners are used daily, whereas a treatment is used once or twice a week, depending on the dryness of your hair.

Intensive treatment products can most often be found in either a serum or a thick-cream formula.  They are usually sold in tiny bottles or jars, not six-ounce bottles.  Treatments penetrate deeper into the hair shaft to help repair the damage from the use of chemicals or extreme weather conditions.  These products also help heal split ends that are caused from the wind, so if you’re driving with the top down on your car, wear a scarf or hat to prevent damage.

Remember conditioning treatments only help the appearance of damaged hair.  While, they condition your hair and make it feel good, they will never bring your broken hair back to normal until it grows out.  So please, don’t abuse your hair in the first place.

Four Tips for Ultra Healthy, Gorgeous Hair

When you’re at home just hanging out, simply spray or dampen your hair with water and take a “big blob” of your favorite treatment and work it into your hair.  If you have long hair, bring it up into a knot and clip it to your head. Leave this in until later.  You can even leave it in when you go to bed.  If you do wear it to bed, place a hand towel over your pillow. The next day simply shampoo and condition your hair.  Simply shampoo and condition before you go out.Put a treatment in your hair when you go to the gym. Work out, then shampoo and condition your hair.For those who work at home, put a treatment in your hair for a few hours before getting ready for a meeting or getting ready to party.Promise yourself you will do these simple steps so your hair won’t be screaming at you or your Hair Colorist.  We really don’t want your hair to be abused.

Need Help Choosing Hair Care Products?

With your mind on losing those last five pounds and spending all your money on new clothing so you will look “simply fabulous” you may leave your hair until last.  If you want to look great your hair must come first.  Your budget might be a little tight to spend money on hair care products.  But here are just a few low cost tips.  I have put together a list of ingredients and products that are excellent for your hair all year long.

When you’re buying hair care products, look for the following ingredients on the label. All of them help to retain hydration within the hair shaft.  You will find some of the following ingredients in the best product brands that are available in both retail and professional markets.

Hydrolyzed protein UV protectors Polymers Hydroxy Sun Complex Amino Acids Lipids Proteins

These ingredients will help protect your hair in the sun and wind, and will help build up strength and restore its elasticity.  They will also enhance the shine and help prevent breakage, which is the most difficult to control.  Breakage happens when the hair shaft becomes dry and brittle from chemicals or overexposure to elements in the atmosphere.

I know that some of the ingredients listed on the products are so long you cannot even read them much less pronounce them, but you can be sure that you are buying the best if you buy from reputable companies.

The Most Reputable Hair Companies

In the Beauty Industry, professionals watch companies come and go.  I have included a list of companies that I have been dedicated to for many years, not in any particular order. They are all respected in the Beauty Industry and can be trusted 100%!  Plus, they do not test on animals.

All of these companies make products in many different formulas for different weights of hair as well as chemically treated hair.  Most of these companies make products for all levels of hair care and hair color.  In addition, they make products to fit all budgets, with the exception of one or two that are exceptional for hair repair.  Watch for my new “Color Mask” and “Serum” treatments to be used with any hair color product in the market place.

Professional Hair Lines

L’Oreal   L’Oreal Professional-Series

Drugstore Hair  Lines

L’Oreal Clairol

All of these product lines are fabulous. Another product that costs a bit more than the above products is Rene Furterer.  You can purchase this product at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue.

When you use a product, I suggest that you use one then switch off and use another for a period of time. I believe that hair becomes accustomed to a certain ingredients and gradually stops responding to the treatment as it should.  When our bodies are not functioning properly, we will produce chemicals that show up in the hair as well as in our skin.  We blame the products and stop using a product that is really good for our hair problems.  We don’t realize that the problem is that our own system has shut down.

Part II:  Everyone who uses hair color knows that…

Blondes hate “brass”Redheads hate “dull-flat”

Brunettes hate “red-orange”

All of these unwanted shades start to show up when you have neglected to use the correct products for your color treated hair.  Off color can also be created when the wrong hair color has been used on your hair… or…when your hair has been over processed.  Please don’t ever let this happen!

If your hair is over exposed to extreme heat or cold the hair color pigments will start to fade from the hair shaft.  The sun and ultra cold weather drastically affects the hair by shredding off the outer layers of the hair shaft (as will hot hair appliances.)  This leaves the hair faded and dry on the ends, which totally eliminates the shine.

Now you can keep your vibrant hair color all year long without having to worry about your hair color fading or becoming lifeless.  Here are some quick and easy steps to keep your hair color perfect all year long.

Natural Glowing Blondes

If you’re a blonde, natural-looking highlights will be the best process for your hair.  Why?  You won’t see roots as fast.  If you have never had highlights and have wanted them, it’s the perfect process anytime of year to start putting in a few shades of light golden blonde through your hair.  Here’s how to start.

1.     Look at your hairstyle and decide where you would like to place the lighter strands.  You could begin with a few strands around your face, which would be less expensive to start with.  Select a shade of blonde that will blend with the shade of your present hair color.

2.     Soft golden blonde shades blend with most shades of hair.  Stay away from ultra light or white highlights because they are more damaging, especially if  “hot” hair appliances attack them.  Be careful with white highlights in general because they are not flattering to most skin tones and can be oh-so-aging!

3.     If you have the service in the salon, the Hair Colorist will help you decide the shade that will be best for your hair.  For “shy” first timers, I use a high-lift tint using foil, or I put in a few strands of “Balayage” to lighten the hair around the face to a soft, natural tone. (Balayage is a technique used to paint in the strands rather than weaving out the hair and placing it in foil.)

Both techniques are wonderful to use if you want to have a natural-looking blonde color. Plus, if you forget to protect your hair, the sun will lighten your hair a bit more, which adds to the natural look in this case.

Even a one-process hair color application will look a bit softer with a few highlights around the face and hairline.  These will help soften medium blondes, especially if they look a little flat or drab.  Be careful not to over-do blonde highlights on light blonde one-process shades.  If blondes are already light, highlights could cause breakage if they are improperly applied or left on too long.  Caution here!

At-Home: Do you want to become an “almost” expert in the highlighting process?

When I train new Hair Colorists, they are often a bit awkward with the highlighting process, so I use this technique for highlights.  These simple steps, which are almost mistake-proof, could save your hair, give you elegant highlights, and save you a whole lot of money.

1.     Style your hair the way you want it to look.  Does it go to the side with a hard part or just a softly directed part?  Do you part it down the middle?  Do you wear your hair back or forward in the front?  Where you place the highlights is based on this decision.

2.     Put a thick conditioner into a bowl.  Decide on the box of highlights you want to use, perhaps something from the drugstore.  Take the brush or tiny comb that is in the box and dip it into the conditioner and start placing the strands where you wish them to be.  Practice a bit, and when you feel comfortable with the process you can start with the formula.

3.     Keep an eye on the timer.  Don’t let your hair get too light the first time.  Don’t get on the phone with your best friend.  Most shades of hair will develop within about twenty minutes.  But watch your hair.  Rub a bit off in five minutes and look at it.  If it hasn’t developed to the shade you want, put a bit more of the formula on and wait a little longer.

4.     One last thing to keep in mind: Always just highlight over the new growth.  Don’t overlap the highlighting formula because it will break your hair off.

Caution! At-Home Highlight Kits contain different types of implements that are used for the application.  Some of these can get caught in your hair when you comb them through the hair strands.  Be very careful not to leave big blobs of bleach on any area of your hair strands.  The final result will be spotty, and you are not going to like it.  You may even have to go to the salon to get it fixed.  Your highlights could cost you more than you wished to pay.

A Word About Lowlights

If you are highlighting your hair and going on an extended trip and do not want to see your roots in two weeks, simply add a few lowlights.  For blondes, lowlights are shades of dark golden blondes to light golden browns.

Lowlights will give your hair more dimension than using highlights alone and you won’t notice your roots as fast.  The process of lowlights can be woven and placed into foil, or painted in between the foils; just a few strands throughout the hair can blend tones of color into faded ends.  This will give the hair an overall healthy, radiant look.

Advice for Blondes

All blonde shades should be using shampoos or color refreshers throughout the year, but it is a must when you’re traveling. Your hair will be subjected to different types of water and the fragile shades will fade much faster. These types of products can be used every week. They will deposit a touch of color and will easily come out with each shampoo.

coloursplash!™ has no harsh chemicals and does not coat the hair shaft, it shampoos out with each shampoo.  Simply choose your shade and use weekly or every other week.  What you must be aware of is that most semi-permanent colorants will not coat the hair…these color refreshers will not interfere with your present hair color.

coloursplash!™ is a hair color refresher that does not contain peroxide, ammonia, or alcohol.  It deposits real hair color pigments into the faded hair shaft to refresh the color and will not coat the hair.

Lush Redheads

Red Alert! You watch the foliage as it turns to all the golden -reds and coppery tones with touches of golden- rust.  If you’re a redhead often your heart stops …you know these are the shades you want your hair.  If you now have red hair you also know this shade of color fades faster than any of the other shades.  Do you want to know the easiest ways to retain your coppery-red tones all year long?  Here is how.

1.     Make sure you make regular hair color services.  Do not let too much time lapse between them.  Red shades start to fade within the first week.  Often the fading starts the first time you shampoo your hair.  About 20% of the hair color goes down the drain with the first shampoo.

2.     Shampoo your hair before you use hair color.  This is done in the salon if your hair is overly dry and too porous to hold the color pigments.  Often the hair should be treated after the shampoo and dried.  The formula will only be rinsed after so the color pigments will stay deposited into the hair shaft better.  Redheads should use the very best shampoos because the cleansing agent will not be as harsh as cheaper shampoos.

3.     Shade enhancing products will help maintain the tonal value in the warmer months and throughout the year.  These are considered semi-permanent products, which I think are the best to use in between services.  See coloursplash!™ for all reds.

Color conditioners, color refreshers, and toners are products that may have different names, but they all do the same thing-deposit hair color. Some of them will deposit a bit more pigment, but they all help the hair color last longer while conditioning the hair at the same time.

These products are often chosen instead of the permanent colorant because they deposit less color and do not contain peroxide or ammonia.  They are wonderful for the beginner and are available in the same shade selection as permanent colorants.  They shampoo out faster, so if you never want to color again you don’t have to.  Also, retouching is not needed because there aren’t any roots.  Most women who color their hair use these products once a week or every second week after color.  Redheads especially use them in between their permanent hair color services.

If you are already a redhead, or thinking about becoming one, I think it’s best to stay with the copper reds or soft red-browns. These shades have much more excitement than the blue-reds.  All reds are pretty with a few golden-red highlights throughout the hair.  This look is best achieved with the “Balayage” technique. Simply paint in a few highlights around the face or over the top of the head, process, and tone with a semi-permanent colorant in a crispy golden-copper shade.

Luscious Brunettes

Beautiful, soft brunettes fade less than any other shade of hair color. During the summer these shades will often have a glow of golden tones.  They seem to flatten out during the winter months and need a little boost from the color refreshers. If you’re traveling to warm weather brunettes often reveal a bit too much golden-red reflection, which is not desirable.  If your hair or the ends of your hair fade too fast, you can avoid the red tones and keep the medium to dark brown shades under control with color refreshers (semi-permanent colorants.)

If you have never used hair color before, start with a semi-permanent colorant. This will help keep the fading under control, and you will have rich beautiful shades of brown. If your hair is starting to turn gray, you can still start with this process and then move toward a permanent colorant.  The main advantage of this approach is that there will be no re-growth, so you won’t have to worry about the roots.

A common problem among brunettes is that the products are not applied thoroughly throughout the ends of the hair. The overall look is dark roots and faded hair shaft.  If the ends are faded, they need to have hair color pigments deposited into them as well.  If the formula has not been allowed to process the right amount of time, the hair will start to fade after a few shampoos.

How to Stop Your Ends from Fading

Shampoo your hair and dry it before you apply the color.  This is also effective for gray hair that either shows up too fast or does not cover well to begin with. Save your treatment until after the hair color application has been thoroughly processed.  Don’t shampoo after the color has processed.After you apply the color to your roots, spray the ends of your hair with a leave-in protein conditioner before you run the color through this area.  Begin processing after the entire head of hair is covered, for 25-30 minutes.  Rinse and shampoo your hair, or simply just rinse it.  Do not forget the conditioner!If you have either natural or previously color treated hair, you can use a shampoo with color pigments in it to create shine and luster for deeper tones of brown.  These can be used at least once a week.  Simply match your hair colorFirst-time users may be afraid of using this product.  All you have to do is mix half of the color shampoo with half of your normal shampoo.  Each time you do this, add more and more color to your shampoo until you feel confident and like the results.

Advice for Brunettes

Most Hair Colorists agree that brunettes look better with overtones of gold and golden-reds because of the shine and richness these tones deposit.  Ash-green shades don’t shine. Natural, healthy-looking brunettes will always have a glow of golden tones.  You never see a movie star with drab ash hair!  Enough said.

Brunettes look best when you add few highlights of gold or softer shades of brown. Light brown and medium brown shades are great together because they add an extra boost to the shine.  Never have white highlights on brown hair…you will just hate it.

FINAL Reminders for Healthy, Vibrant Hair for Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads

Keep your hair trimmed and tidy for hair that looks healthy all year long.Do not use peroxide or lemon juice to lighten your hair.  The hair will turn “Blonde-Orange.”  Do not mistake orange in your hair for blonde.  It’s unsightly!Rinse a shampoo or a conditioner through your hair after your workout.To keep your hair from looking frazzled and lifeless start a daily routine of moisturizing your hair to keep it in perfect condition all year long.  This extra attention will help to reduce the damage that can build up from hair products.Do not use hair color if you are not knowledgeable about it or if you can’t afford to get the best hair color service.  Get a great haircut and use only color-depositing shampoos until you become more knowledgeable or your budget changes.Read my eBook- Excuse Me…Your Roots Are Showing! You will find solutions to achieving great hair color and learn how to stay in your budget for the best hair color all year long.

Tracy Hill


My name is Tracy Hill – Hair Colourist to Hollywood’s elite, and former international hair colour training director for Clairol Inc., L’Oreal, and Vidal Sassoon.  I have been an authority on hair colour for more than 30 years.

With my busy star-studded clientele covering the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, often times my clients just couldn’t make it to the salon.  So I got busy and created coloursplash!®, a new product line called coloursplash!® designed to be used between salon appointments.

coloursplash!® is a unique ammonia and peroxide-free hair color product that keeps your hair looking fresh and perfect everyday of the month…AND it diffuses your grey!  This hair colour innovation is so effective it’s no wonder it sold out in only 6 minutes on QVC!

I also decided to put my decades of experience into an eBook to help as many people as possible with their hair coloring questions.  In my eBook, “Excuse Me… Your Roots are Showing,” I’ll give you expert advice, tips, and hair color secrets.  I will tell you everything you need to know about hair color; from coloring your hair at home, going to the salon; to choosing the right hair color.  In “Excuse Me… Your Roots are Showing” I will also dispel hair color myths, explain how to deal with coloring dilemmas, and much more!

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